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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy Samba Folder Sharing from a NTFS Partition / Home Folder

I have read at least 8 articles here in Askubuntu about Sharing a folder and doing the share from outside of /home or from a NTFS partition but none of them actually helped in my problem here. My question is in regards to which is the easiest most friendliest way to share a folder from Ubuntu to Windows. I ask this for this particular common case scenario:

I am in a LAN and I want to share a folder to a friend that has Windows 7. This folder is in another drive that I have and that is partitioned in NTFS since it contains Windows 7. I do not want to share the folder from Windows 7 to Windows 7. I want to share it via Ubuntu to my friend's PC.

I already have samba installed and I right clicked in Nautilus the folder and did a correct share but it appears as though he does not have any access. He can see the resource shared but can't access it.

What I did was copy the folder from my Windows hard drive to the Ubuntu one. Put the folder in the desktop and had to chmod 777 the folder for him to have the ability to copy the content.

I really do not want to edit/modify the smb.conf file nor do I want to add something in fstab. Is there an easier way to share a normal folder between Ubuntu and Windows or even Ubuntu to Ubuntu using Samba that is practical and does not create confusion when trying to explain a newcomer of Ubuntu on how to share.