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Monday, May 14, 2012

Going Back to Ubuntu After Windows Crash; What Should I know?

EDIT: Thanks for the encouragement! I made the switch (only took 45 minutes to reformat and boot up Ubuntu) and I'm already up and running. It seems like things have improved a lot in the past few versions.

My laptop has been slowly degrading for the past few months, and I reached the point where I'm tired of dealing with Windows. I've got a work laptop (and my fiancee's) in case I have need of Windows, so I decided to go back to Ubuntu.

I last used it back in version 7 (I think), and was pleased with the system, though it didn't really meet my gaming needs at the time. Now, I only really use my personal laptop for reading, music, and reddit, so it seemed like a good time to go back.

My real question is: Has Ubuntu gotten more or less user friendly in those years? I have little experience with Linux, and remember spending hours just trying to figure out the basics of moving files and installing programs. Perhaps I just didn't read as much as I should have. I noticed that the GUI seems to be a lot more developed than it was; are things a bit more idiot-proof now?

tl;dr: Is Ubuntu 12 easier to use, or more complex than Ubuntu 7 was?

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