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Monday, May 14, 2012

Howto install and setup of Mythbuntu 12.04 (64bit) for DVC-B using the Hauppauge WinT

Please note:

This tutorial is a work in progress as it is pretty comprehensive. Therefore I will update it when i have time, so please come back and check it every now and then.

Table of Contents
  1. Why I wrote this

  2. Why I chose the 520e, the 930c and not the 930c-HD

  3. How to install the firmware for both the 930c and the 520e

  4. Why and how to install the v4l-dvb program

  5. How to check if the firmware is recognized

  6. How to setup the Mythtv backend for solely using DVB-C

  7. How to make Mythtv use two other disk drives other than the OS drive for recorded data

  8. How to backup and restore you setup of Mythtv

  9. Why the 520e stick is not really working and how to fix it

  10. How to setup mythtv's backend use of the two usb sticks

  11. How to use w_scan to figure out which frequencies your tv provider uses

  12. What is EIT

  13. How and why to scan for channels in mythtv backend and not import using a channel.conf file

Why i wrote this

I made this, so I can look it up when I have forgotten how I did things. I hope others can use it too.

Why I chose the 520e, the 930c and not the 930c-HD

I chose the PCTVSystems QuatroStick-nano 520e because it should be compatible with linuxtv and because it supported mpeg4.

See this link for hauppauge (and pctv) linux compatible tvtuners:


The Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-930C I also chose because it was compatible with linuxtv. Actually I first bought Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-930C-HD. The HD version is not supported by linuxtv. Or atleast that is what I am guessing that all HD versions have the same USB ID. The HD version had USB ID 2040:b130 and the normal version have USB ID 2040:1605.

I have made a note about it on the page: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge

Another thing about the 930c-not-HD version is that even if it says mpeg2 only in the stores I believe that it is able to get mpeg4. Somewhere I read that it is the computer that decompress the signal and not the tvtuner. Unfortunately I can't remember where. But with the 930c-not-HD I am able to get all the HD signals my provider sends.

The HD channels my provider (yousee) sends are in mpeg4. So I can confirm that the normal 930c-not-hd can show the mpeg4 channels.

With that in mind I would recommend the the 930c-not-hd as the best choice for watching dvb-c tv. The 520e has a problem which I will address later.

How to install the firmware for both the 930c and the 520e

For the 930c the installation instructions is found here:


go to directory Desktop (cd //home/"username"/Desktop)


mkdir 930c; cd  930c

wget http://www.wintvcd.co.uk/drivers/HVR-9x0_5_10_325_28153_SIGNED.zip

sudo apt-get install unzip

 unzip HVR-9x0_5_10_325_28153_SIGNED.zip

 dd if=HVR-900/emOEM.sys of=dvb-usb-hauppauge-hvr930c-drxk.fw bs=1 skip=71600 count=42692

 sudo cp dvb-usb-hauppauge-hvr930c-drxk.fw /lib/firmware/

cd ..

And for the 520e instructions are found here: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.ph...tick-nano_520e

using your browser goto http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.ph...tick-nano_520e

and find :"Alternatively, you can download the extracted firmware directly from*this link"

and download the file "dvb-demod-drxk-pctv.fw"

copy the file into the "~/Desktop/520e" folder

from a terminal goto the folder "~/Desktop/520e" folder and


sudo cp dvb-demod-drxk-pctv.fw /lib/firmware/

cd ..

Why and how to install the v4l-dvb program

This program needs to be installed as it is what makes linux and the dvb communicate.

Information copied from this link: http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.ph...Device_Drivers

From you Desktop directory:


mkdir v4l-dvb; cd v4l-dvb;

sudo apt-get install git

git clone git://linuxtv.org/media_build.git

cd media_build

sudo apt-get install  patchutils


go make some coffee.

sudo make install

and reboot

How to check if the firmware is recognized

use some or all of these commands to check if the firmware is loaded and the sticks recognized.


ls -l /dev/dvb/

ls -l /dev/dvb/adapter0

ls -l /dev/dvb/adapter*

OBS these commands will not work if you haven't installed v4l-dvb.

Stolen from


How to setup the Mythtv backend for solely using DVB-C

see these links: