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Sunday, May 6, 2012

In Nautilus I have two identical entries in my devices list, why?

I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and have two hard drives, one mounts as home, the other as Data. Strange thing is that I have the Data drive showing up twice in Nautilus on the devices list. If I click the second one, I get the message:

Unable to mount Data mount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /media/Data

busy mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on


This is my fstab file contents:

UUID=c0ebf008-2a87-418a-9a74-736931769038 / ext4 defaults 0 1

UUID=c346d075-e2ca-4cb2-b387-e2088ad478a5 swap swap sw 0 0

UUID=ee7513f0-0875-4451-a346-56368896d12b /media/Data ext4 users 0 0

While this is not a HUGE issue, it's annoying, so any suggestions would be welcome...

Thanks, Bill

The blkid gave me:

/dev/sda1: LABEL="Data" UUID="ee7513f0-0875-4451-a346-56368896d12b" TYPE="ext4"

/dev/sdb1: UUID="c0ebf008-2a87-418a-9a74-736931769038" TYPE="ext4"

/dev/sdb5: UUID="c346d075-e2ca-4cb2-b387-e2088ad478a5" TYPE="swap"

/dev/sr1: LABEL="Globe Broadband" TYPE="iso9660"

The df -HT gave me:

Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sdb1 ext4 246G 19G 216G 8% /

udev devtmpfs 2.2G 8.2k 2.2G 1% /dev

tmpfs tmpfs 846M 881k 845M 1% /run

none tmpfs 5.3M 4.1k 5.3M 1% /run/lock

none tmpfs 2.2G 918k 2.2G 1% /run/shm

/dev/sda1 ext4 1.0T 363G 587G 39% /media/Data

I took a look at the gparted info and everything look normal.

File system ext4

Size is correct

No flags set

Path and mount is all like regular

Hopefully this tells you all something, because i am baffled ;-)

Thanks, Bill