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Sunday, May 6, 2012

[lubuntu] 12.04 New Install Retaining Encrypted Home


I think I've got this right, but just want to check my assumptions before I shoot myself in the foot :D

Current GParted screenie while booted to a 12.04 LiveCD:

Attachment 217368

sda1 - 3 are just Windows stuff ignore them.

sda5 and 6 are / and swap where I have been running 12.04 during alpha and beta testing. That install has become horribly messy thanks to me installing 8 or 9 different desktop environments and generally hacking stuff about during testing.

sda7 and 8 are intended to be for my new clean 12.04 install - / and /home respectively.

My home directory in the beta install was encrypted during the installation (usual ecryptfs thing).

I plan to do the clean install to sda7 and 8 with same username and password, then boot back to the LiveCD and copy my old beta /home/crypto over the newly created one to retain application setting etc. I think this should just work fine when I then boot into the new install and login... is that assumption right?

I need to keep sda5 around for a little while as I need to port some machine specific /etc stuff across to the new install.

I was sure this plan would just work when I started, but for some odd reason I have got cold feet at the last moment thinking I've forgotten something :confused:

Care to put my mind at rest?

Thanks :)

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