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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My experience with 12.04

So, I have a Chromebook, the old Cr-48 pilot netbooks. I installed Ubuntu on it a while after getting the Cr-48.

Updated to 11.10 with very few problems, all was well and good (Unity was still tripe).

So, naturally, I decide to upgrade to 12.04. Oh boy.

After clearing enough space out for the upgrade to take place (it's only an 8 or 10 gig partition, mind you), I install it last night.

I boot it up. It takes a few seconds longer to boot up now (7 vs 4 seconds, with a lot of "Failed to create pty, disabling logging for job"), and I select Unity 2D to give it a second second chance.

Immediately start getting some errors (which I've consequently forgotten since they stopped appearing after retrying Unity just now). There's no wallpaper. Unity lags like a bitch without anything running. The sidebar won't go away.

Worst part? I sign into my wifi network. About a minute later, it's disconnected and asks me for the password again. I put it in. A minute later, it's disconnected and asks for the password. I put it in. A minute later... yeah. You get the idea. It refused to "hold" the password. I had to go into network settings (after booting back to Gnome classic) and put the password in there for it to stick.\

Anyways, so I get the nagging wireless problem sorted out... Everything works fine for about... 2 hours? Then, out of thin air, the mouse stops responding to movement.

I'm giving Ubuntu the benefit of the doubt on this one. It may be the netbook hardware's fault. but whatever it was, the mouse wouldn't move. I could click, and i could click and drag to move the cursor, but just regular movement didn't work. I had to reboot the system for it to start working correctly again.

Another problem, the brightness slider under system settings ("Brightness and Lock") disappeared. It was gone in 11.04 (only appearing when it was plugged in, which is stupid), appeared in 11.10, and is subsequently gone completely in 12.04. Why? Why?

I had to use echo X | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/i915_backlight/brightness (where X is a number between 0 and 256 for some reason) to set the brightness. I can use cat /sys/class/backlight/i915_backlight/brightness to get the current brightness, if that helps anyone. Credits to the guys at askubuntu.

But at least it's shiny and bright and new, right guys?

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