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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[ubuntu] Boot Manager Question

Hello, I just recently completed building a new system and of course installed Ubuntu right away. However, I haven't used Windows in a very long time (Vista pretty much turned me completely off) and because Windows 8 Consumer Preview is free, I decided to try it out. Long story -short, my impressions of windows lightened a little and am now wanting to install Windows 7, along side Ubuntu.

However, because I'm using relatively small SSDs (120gb), I've decided to install Windows 7 on its own SSD. Right now, I have Windows 8 on one SSD and Ubuntu 12.04 on another SSD and the boot manager that comes with Ubuntu doesn't load Windows at all. I'm having to go into the UEFI or BIOS to select the windows disk in order to boot into Windows.

With that said, I'm now wanting to replace Windows 8 with Windows 7 and I remember hearing many years ago that on a dual boot system, you should always install Windows first because it does something that makes other OS's installed not bootable. Is this still true? If so, would installing a new boot manager after I install Windows 7 be a viable solution?

Regardless, is there any open-source or otherwise free boot managers that I can install after I install Windows 7?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!