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Monday, May 7, 2012

[ubuntu] Ubuntu can't see windows 7 drive


I just recently installed Ubuntu 12.04. When I restarted my computer and I logged on, I tied to find my Windows 7 drive in Nautilus but it wasn't listed.

I have tried stuff like ntfs-config, editing fstab etc. however neither of these give me access to my Windows 7 internal HDD. I have been able to access NTFS drives as I was able to read/write to an NTFS external drive.

I have been able to use 'sudo mount' through terminal but I want to be able to explore it via Nautilus just like I could on 11.10 and lower.

I ran 'sudo fdisk -l' and it shows my NTFS Windows drive fine.

I would like to have the latest version of Ubuntu but if it means no access to Windows then I will just go back to 11.10

Any ideas?