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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why I love Xubuntu.

A while back I had two computers one was a desktop with Windows XP, one was a laptop with the original Redhat Linux. I hated Redhat and claimed that Windows XP was my favorite. Then I got a new desktop with Windows Vista, and I hated it. I put my old laptop in the closet. Then I installed Xubuntu 9.10 on my second desktop. Soon I bought a laptop with Windows 7 soon I had 2 laptops own with Windows 7 and one with Xubuntu 10.04. I then had two desktops one with Xubuntu 9.10 and one with Windows Vista. Soon I upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Xubuntu 12.04, then my Xubuntu 10.04 laptop to XLinux a Linux based off of Xubuntu 6.06. I soon upgraded my Vista desktop to Xubuntu 12.04. Then I put my fist desktop in the closet.

Bottom line is I went from Redhat Linux to Windows XP to Xubuntu as my main operating systems.