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Friday, June 29, 2012

[ubuntu] Can't install Ubuntu 12.04 in MSI X320

Hi friends, i'm having a problem that i can't resolve trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 on a MSI X320.

Booting to a live session or trying to install directly gives me the following error:

mmc0: controller never released inhibit bit (s) and then only a black screen.

I tried the following distros: fedora, mint y opensuse (the latests versions), with the same result as ubuntu. The only ones that works were Puppy y PCLinuxOS also the latests versions, and Ubuntu 10.04, that already worked, but after upgrading to 12.04 gave the same problem.

Apparently the problems are associated to the hardware, and/or the kernel.

SD/SDHC/MMC card reader seems to be a problem, also the sata controller sis 3531, or chipset Intel® US15W (Poulsbo) with video Intel GMA 500.

I come to you as a last resort before getting rid of the machine, which is very comfortable to work.

Thak you very much, and sorry, my english is horrible, i hope you understand.