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Friday, June 29, 2012

[ubuntu] installing ubuntu on a partition that was created by windows

hello ubuntu gurus,

please help me installing linux

i want to install ubuntu on a desired partition of my hard drive. i have Windows 7 installed on one of the partitions. basically i have 320 GB hard disk and it is divided into 4 partitions as follows:

partition 1 (50 GB) -- C: Windows 7

partition 2 (82 GB) -- D: [left for installing ubuntu]

partition 3 (82 GB) -- E: [used to keep my files, etc.]

partition 4 (84 GB) -- F: [also used to keep files like softwares & other stuff]

i have created a bootable usb disk for installing ubuntu using Universal usb installer. i have installed plop boot manager to make my system boot from usb disk, because my bios does not support usb boot.

now the ubuntu installation part, i want to install ubuntu onto the D drive. and for that, i selected the option "install ubuntu alongside windows 7", but after that step, i don't know what to do. Don't want to loose data on the E & F drives. i have posted images of the installation. please help me and guide me through the installation. also, i want to learn how it works.

any kind of info is appreciated.

(sorry for bad english) :-#

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