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Friday, June 29, 2012

[ubuntu] phpmyadmin installation error

I installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 and did "sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin" to install phpmyadmin, but eventually got this error:



An error occurred while installing the database:                                                                  ││                                                                         

                                        ││ ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)                              ││   

                                                                                                              ││ If at this point you choose "retry", you will be prompted with all the

configuration questions once more and      ││ another attempt will be made at performing the operation. "retry (skip questions)" will immediately

attempt the  ││ operation again, skipping all questions.  If you choose "abort", the operation will fail and you will need to    ││ downgrade,

reinstall, reconfigure this package, or otherwise manually intervene to continue using it.  If you    ││ choose "ignore", the operation will continue,

ignoring further errors from dbconfig-common.                      ││                                                                                                                 

││ Next step for database installation:                                                                              ││                                                                       

                                          ││                                              abort                                                                ││                                       

    retry                                                                ││                                              retry (skip questions)                                              ││ 


I retried and it gave the same error. I had to press abort a few times too.

But despite the error message, I could still access phpmyadmin in my web browser after the setup.

Why am I getting the error?

(The weird characters are from Putty, which doesn't display the menu correctly, and the texts are not visible unless I select them with mouse first)