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Monday, May 7, 2012

Can't create a New Project or File - First Screen Empty NB 7.1.1 and 7.1.2

The first screen in the wizard is blank or empty, only shows me Cancel
button. I'm Working in UBUNTU 12.04
I reinstalled Netbeans and the problem is still there, I tried with NB 7.1.1
and NB 7.1.2 I'm using Oracle JDK 7

How To Set Up Apache2 With mod_fcgid And PHP5 On Ubuntu 11.10

How To Set Up Apache2 With mod_fcgid And PHP5 On Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial describes how you can install Apache2 with mod_fcgid
and PHP5 on Ubuntu 11.10. mod_fcgid is a compatible alternative to the
older mod_fastcgi.

It lets you execute PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners
instead of the Apache user.

Is there a way I can manually change the bluetooth address of a PS3 controller using Ubuntu?

I'm trying to pair a PS3 controller with my Android phone and I'm some difficulty. When my laptop was running windows I could use sixaxis controller or something like that. But now I'm going to be running Ubuntu. I like to play SNES on my phone and a PS3 controller was perfect for it. The issue I have came across thus far is that every program that I see is Linux friendly is for pairing the PS3 controller with the computer. My computer doesnt even have a bluetooth adapter so that's not really an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I should mention that I'm pretty damn new to Linux and Ubuntu but I do have an understanding of the terminal and what not. I've just been teaching myself as I go.

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Test Drive Different Tablet UIs, including Unity, at UDS-Q

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Can anyone explain Ubuntu's native Backup program?

I just started using Ubuntu's native Backup program (Super key, search "Backup", looks like a safe).

Does anyone know how it backs things up? Does it just keep piling on new files and folders, or does it mirror your current files and folders?


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12.04 Windows Folder Mounting

Alright, so I swore to myself that I would never use Reddit as a place to spam my troubles, but yet here I am. So I just upgraded to 12.04 today, and I am loving it. Except I am trying to use my Ubuntu machine as a downstairs media center. The problem is, all my files are hosted upstairs on my gaming machine. Yeah, Yeah I know that's dumb to have them travel across the network, but for the sake of the argument let's say that is the only way it can be done. Well I have installed XBMC to my Ubuntu machine and after starting went into import the video library. Here is the problem, XBMC can't see network drives unless they are mounted to the local file system. I have done what I thought was mounting the drive but, I still can't see the files from XBMC. I am about to rip my hair out, could someone give me some recommendations?

Thanks Reddit, Ryan

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Gaming on Ubuntu

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New E-Mail Client ‘Geary’ Launches on Linux

The makers of Shotwell have launched the first release of a new e-mail client for Linux.

Geary 0.1 is described by Yorba as ‘a lightweight email reader for the GNOME desktop’. It supports basic viewing and composing of e-mail, keyboard shortcuts and displays multi-threaded mails in a ‘conversation’ view.

Set Up

Setting up Geary is easy, and on first launch you will be prompted to enter your GMail or Yahoo! Mail account details. Other accounts/services can be added by choosing ‘Other’ and entering the relevant IMAP settings.

geary set-up window


Like most e-mail clients – whether desktop or web-based – Geary is straightforward to use.

But, unlike most desktop-based e-mail clients such as Thunderbird or Evolution, Geary displays multi-threaded emails as ‘conversations’. That is, they are all grouped in the one e-mail rather than, as with Thunderbird, having an individual mail for each reply.

‘Conversation’ style threading not only keep things neat and tidy but surrounds mails in context - especially useful on mailing lists.

As you can see in the image above, a ‘conversation’ counter is displayed next to a mail should it contain more than one reply.

On to the important part of an e-mail client: the ability to reply. In Geary the ‘Compose’ mail button remains clickable at all times, but the other buttons - reply, reply to all, forward, archive and ‘mark’ – are only available when an e-mail is selected.

By default Geary shows a message preview (a short excerpt of the mail) but this can be disabled.

Clicking on a mail instantly marks it as ‘read’ and loads the body into the conversation pane.

Distinguishing between read and unread mail could be easier. Currently unread mails are denoted by a small icon to the left of the excerpt body.

With such a small area on show I would, personally, find visually noting what is and isn’t read easier were Geary to copy GMail and display read mail subject titles and the senders name in a regular weight to avoid drawing the eye.


Geary’s Compose window is straightforward to use, although it doesn’t support auto-completion of contacts from your address book (a big ask) yet.


Formatting features include pretty much everything you’d need: -

  • Choice of three fonts

  • Choice of three font sizes

  • Basic text formatting (bold, underline, strikeout, etc)

  • Link support

  • ‘Remove formatting’ button

  • Indentation

  • Spell checking

Keyboard Shortcuts

With no App Menus to relay keyboard shortcuts it would be easy to assume that Geary doesn’t support them – but it does.

  • Ctrl+N creates a new mail

  • Ctrl+R to reply to a selected mail

  • Ctrl+Shift+R to reply to all in a selected mail

  • Hit Delete to archive a mail

What Geary Doesn’t Do

Geary is very early on in development, and whilst this release does seem stable it will contain bugs, missing features and design quirks.

Ubuntu users shouldn’t expect much in the way of system integration: there is no HUD support, no App Menu support, no Messaging Menu integration, and no notification alerts on new mail arrival.


There is also no support for e-mail attachments, and image-rich e-mails don’t display as you’d expect.


Avid e-mailers should also note that, at present, there is no support for configuring a signature; you can only add one account; and once added you can’t elegantly ‘log out’ to sign in to a different one.

There is also no mail searching and no way to set a refresh period (or even learn what the refresh period defaults to).

But if you can overlook these short-term shortcomings then you’ll find a functional and stable e-mail client capable of dealing with basic mail needs. And, whether you miss the other stuff listed above or not, this is precisely what a first release should be doing.

Install Geary in Ubuntu 12.04

Geary can be installed in Ubuntu 12.04 by adding the following PPA to your Software Sources. As with any software that doesn’t come through the Ubuntu repositories you add these at your own risk.

At the time of writing the 64bit build of Geary has yet to build.

The quickest and easiest way to add a PPA to your Software Sources is to run the following commands in a new Terminal window.

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa

  • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install geary 

After installation has completed you can launcher Geary from the Unity Dash by searching ‘geary’.

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How to install ubuntu tweak 0.7.0 in ubuntu 12.04 (Precise)

{lang: 'en-GB'}

Ubuntu Tweak is an application to config Ubuntu easier for everyone.It provides many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment doesn’t provide.With its help, you will enjoy with the experience of Ubuntu!

Read the rest of How to install ubuntu tweak 0.7.0 in ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) (87 words)

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How to display Computer,Home,Network,Trash and Mounted volumes icons on ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) desktop

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By default ubuntu 12.04 desktop is set to not diplay any icons.You can see default ubuntu 12.04 desktop screenshot as follows

Read the rest of How to display Computer,Home,Network,Trash and Mounted volumes icons on ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) desktop (217 words)

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[How To] Add Unity Progress Bars to Firefox

Firefox may be Ubuntu’s default browser but it doesn’t take full advantage of Ubuntu’s Unity desktop features by default.

And whilst it does come pre-packed with App Menu, HUD, and Quicklist support, it doesn’t support Unity’s ‘on launcher’ progress bars and counter badges for downloads.

But by installing just one extension – ‘Unityfox’ – you can add these features.

In action: Unityfox for Firefox in Ubuntu

It’s a small addition for sure, but it’s one that helps ingratiate the browser and the desktop that little bit more.

Unityfox for Firefox

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Meet ByteBench – the €2250 Ubuntu PC

Would you pay upwards of €2000 for a designer PC running Ubuntu?

That’s the price German tech company Convar are asking for their latest ‘furniture meets electronics’ design ‘ByteBench‘. 

bytebench PC

For a €2,250 computer you might expect the performance level to match the aesthetics, but the ByteBench sports a meagre dual-core Intel Atom CPU beneath its pretty casing. A chip that is capable, but hardly expected of a premium product.

Along with a measly 1.8Ghz Atom you also get:

  • 2GB DDR3 RAM

  • 1TB 7200RPM SATA ‘Designer’ HDD


  • DVD Drive

  • 2x USB 2.0

  • 2x USB 3.0

  • eSATA, ethernet, digital S/PDIF, HDMI, DVI ports

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 n/g/b

In their defence the device, encased in solid steel and precious woods, is handmade to order and can be furnished with your own choice of ‘wood finishing’.

OS and Other Features

By default the ByteBench ships with Ubuntu 10.04, although a $99 “upgrade” to Windows 7 is available.

One unique feature of the ByteBench is that it the hard-drive is hot-swappable with other ‘designer HDDS’ available from the company.

Personally, I prefer their range from DIY HDD enclosures made of cardboard…

The ByteBench, and the other items mentioned in this post, can be purchased from the Convar shop @ shop.convar.com/en/

Thanks Ulmer

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