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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

average PC users and Ubuntu

i have been doing my best to move clients and friends to an open source OS, but if this is the reception, then i am done with it.

you move my thread, then lock it when i unknowingly broke the rules of the forum that it was moved to. just think how an average PC user would feel, since they are intimidated by technical forums in general.

i have contributed minor code to the Linux kernel in the past, so i am not an idiot when it comes to Linux. the general attitude that i continue to get from the Linux community is insular, egotistical and patronising. you will not attract any more users with this attitude, and this is making me want to abandon it in general. my efforts, and those of people that are really clever, are wasted when the Linux community continues to follow this path. ](*,)

i thought that Ubuntu was one of the attempts to attract the average user to move to Linux and open source solutions. it worked for a while. i guess i was totally wrong, and this is my fault. you obviously want a quaint little country club for experienced Linux users, instead of trying to show the average PC user a better way. i will continue to suggest open source software, but i am done with trying to move people to an open source OS.

whatever. lock or delete this thread too, since you are not interested in hearing anything negative about Ubuntu in a forum about testimonials and experiences. keep patting each other on the back and ignoring the larger base of PC users. i will just tell these PC users that it is not worth the trouble. i can already predict the response to this thread, all you experienced Linux users will just tell me, 'good riddance, Linux is for expert users'. fine.

maybe i will try again when the open source community is ready to be more welcoming to average users, if that ever happens.

[ubuntu] Cisco VPN with pfx certificate

Hello Ubuntu folks, I am very close to using Ubuntu exclusively but am stuck with a work vpn issue. My corporate vpn uses a certificate which is in pfx format which I have along with the password. I read that it is difficult to install the legacy Cisco 4.8 client on any recent version without massive hacks. I also read vpnc doesn't support cert/pfx yet either. Hoping I missed something and someone has a solution for this for Ubuntu 12.04. I would appreciate any ideas.

here is a legacy link with info on 2.6.x kernel and cisco client with pfx


Thank you!

[lubuntu] 12.04 upgrade did not work correctly

I upgraded via upgrade manager from lubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 and that does not work correctly.

Computer is a Samsung Netbook (NP 150).

For the moment, the main problem is, that lightdm does not work! When i choose lightdm as display manager that brings only to a kind of console which seems to freeze at "checking battery status". CTRL+ALT+F1 brings me to another console: "startx" does not start lubuntu but lxde. When i do there "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lxdm" and then choose lxdm as display manager i can start in lubuntu.

But that does not seem the way 12.04 is intended to work: lightdm should be the standard dm . . . Any ideas out there?


[ubuntu] Cannot find lguest tools

hi ,

im struggling with compiling a kernel 3.4

when executing


make-kpkg --initrd --initrd

it giving me at last line


debian/ruleset/targets/common.mk:286: *** Cannot find lguest tools. Stop.

below are full debug

[ubuntu] Ubuntu (latest version) not detecting second monitor (GTX 260)

Hey all, just installed Ubuntu onto my desktop PC and it will not detect my 40" lcd tv and I am using a GTX 260, and it says the drivers are installed...

[ubuntu] Adding KDE ... but which one?

I have a fresh installation of Precise on a new computer and I thought that, for the sake of variety and because I can, I would (*ahem*) INSTALL ALL THE DESKTOPS! (And hopefully they all play nice together.)

I'm finding more than one way to install KDE and I'm wondering what the difference is. One place briefly explained the difference between kde-standard and kde-full, but what about kde-plasma-desktop? And I'm sure there are other variations.



[ubuntu] ubuten reinstall - end up at shell?

As a new ubuten user i kinda wan a start from scratch.. but now when i load off the live cd i end up at a shell instead of the live cd window?

[ubuntu] How to edit the shortcuts in nautilus

Hello. I would like to know how I can edit the shortcuts that appear at the left side of nautilus (documents, downloads, music, etc). Most of them I want to point to different locations (not in my home folder). Others I want to remove completely. I also want to add additional locations. It seems there is some support for this because if I right-click on a link there is a "remove" option but it is greyed out. I tried to open nautilus with sudo but this just resulted in no shortcuts being displayed at all. Any help would be appreciated.

[ubuntu] Boot Manager Question

Hello, I just recently completed building a new system and of course installed Ubuntu right away. However, I haven't used Windows in a very long time (Vista pretty much turned me completely off) and because Windows 8 Consumer Preview is free, I decided to try it out. Long story -short, my impressions of windows lightened a little and am now wanting to install Windows 7, along side Ubuntu.

However, because I'm using relatively small SSDs (120gb), I've decided to install Windows 7 on its own SSD. Right now, I have Windows 8 on one SSD and Ubuntu 12.04 on another SSD and the boot manager that comes with Ubuntu doesn't load Windows at all. I'm having to go into the UEFI or BIOS to select the windows disk in order to boot into Windows.

With that said, I'm now wanting to replace Windows 8 with Windows 7 and I remember hearing many years ago that on a dual boot system, you should always install Windows first because it does something that makes other OS's installed not bootable. Is this still true? If so, would installing a new boot manager after I install Windows 7 be a viable solution?

Regardless, is there any open-source or otherwise free boot managers that I can install after I install Windows 7?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

[ubuntu] Whoa! What was that?

I shut down my computer and put in a new clock battery because it kept losing time. Booted back up to Ubuntu 11.10 and got no display. Finally hit alt-ctl-del and got a screen offering normal boot, or recovery. I chose recovery and it did something, apparently creating a new swap area in a partition, and then rebooted. Everything seems to be normal now. Whew! I have no clue what I could have done to bring that on. Anyone?

[ubuntu] Want the new Software Center on 10.10

Running Netbook Remix 10.10 on my old netbook because performance suffers on 12.04. However, I love the Software Center on 12.04. Is there any way to update Software Center on an older distribution?

[ubuntu] GRUB2 doesn't list other OS

I reinstalled Ubuntu for reason I won't explain here. When I reinstalled it, I had a separate /boot partition which was formatted. Now, GRUB2 detects Ubuntu fine, but it doesn't list LMDE, which I have on a separate partition. When I run update-grub2, it detects LMDE, but when I reboot, GRUB2 still doesn't list it.

[xubuntu] pulseaudio applet is gone

I was having trouble playing sound on Xubuntu 12.04 (it worked for weeks then suddenly stopped), so I deleted pulseaudio and all of its related files. A reinstallation seems to have fixed the sound issue, but how can I re-add the applet? Thankfully I have a screenshot to help explain it:

What I'd like to have it look like

What it currently looks like

I'm new to Linux, so an explanation in layman's terms is preferred :]

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

[ubuntu] Sporadic Network Activity

My network hasn't been working very well. I can connect perfectly fine, but trying to browse the web is very hit and miss. My network activity goes in bursts. It'll work for four seconds, then stop for a little while. During this pause, chromium, Firefox, or anything else will not be able to connect to the internet. The network connection will continue to remain open, but it won't actually 'move' anything.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Creating the open cloud

Amid all the hype surrounding the cloud, there has been a growing need for open and proven components that enable any business to benefit from elastic computing. With public cloud services now widely available and OpenStack established as the de facto infrastructure platform, these components are now ready to deploy. This white paper explains how OpenStack and other open cloud tools can be accessed via Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS – and the technical reasons why we think this represents the best route to the cloud.







Amid all the hype surrounding the cloud, there has been a growing need for open and proven components that enable any business to benefit from elastic computing. With public cloud services now widely available and OpenStack established as the de facto infrastructure platform, these components are now ready to deploy.

This white paper explains how OpenStack and other open cloud tools can be accessed via Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS – and the technical reasons why we think this represents the best route to the cloud.

Download pdf now

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Ubuntu Open Week Day 3

On Friday, May 4th, we hosted our third (and final!) day of Ubuntu Open Week sessions where we had the following sessions (click topic for link to full sessions logs):

Add a “Show Desktop” Icon to the Launcher

If you have recently upgraded to the new Ubuntu 12.04 and using the new Unity launcher, you'll notice it dosnt have a "Show Desktop" button to click, like the old versions of Ubuntu used to have down on the lower panel. You can bring this nifty little feature back quite easily.

The easiest way to get the Show Desktop on your Unity launcher is to install a program called MyUnity which allows you to make some simple changes.

To install open a terminal window and type in:

sudo apt-get install myunity

After installation open up the MyUnity program and click the "desktop" tab and turn on the active "show desktop" icon.

Help: Ubuntu installation not working... Kernel Panic

I just tried to download and install Ubuntu on my HP Pavilion desktop, I installed it on a separate 72gb partition on my hard drive with the hopes of running it alongside windows xp professional. I used the Ubuntu Windows Installer and now whenever I reboot the machine and choose Ubuntu I get a message saying Kernel Panic, I'm sorry I didn't write down the specifics but I will try to restart, write everything down, and reply with all the pertinent info. Any help will greatly be appreciated.

  • M Hello Barry, thank you for your quick response. Let me try to clarify. My computer has a 250GB Hard Drive with 2 partitions, one of the partitions, the D: drive has 72GB of free space on it.I used the following installer, not the live-dvd, to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/install-ubuntu-with-windows The installer had a drop down menu that allowed me to select the 72 GB partition. Once the installer went through its motions, it indicated that the system would need to be rebooted in order for the installation to be complete. I rebooted it, chose Ubuntu instead of Windows XP and got the following Kernel Panic message... [ 6.005387] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount... then there are about a dozen more lines of text after that, I would try to post a picture of the screen but I don't know how to...

Sorry for the late reply John, I just saw your comments. To answer your question, yes I tried installing Ubuntu on a hard drive that I also have Windows on, the main partition, the C: drive is the one that Windows is actually installed on, and the secondary partition, the D: drive (the 72gb partition) is the one I tried installing Ubuntu on. The D; drive actually had a few random files like music and pictures on it when I tried installing Ubuntu to it. I am now reformatting that drive so that it is completely empty, once it's been formatted I will try to reinstall Ubuntu. I am not sure what Wubi is... is that something I need to run as well? I apologize for being such a noob to all of this. I'm so excited to finally try Ubuntu:)

UPDATE @ John: I tried to upload a screenshot of the KERNEL PANIC message but this message system isn't allowing me to post an image because I haven't earned at least 10 reputation points yet. I'm sorry, I just figured out that yes I did indeed use WUBI in another partition that Windows is not in. Is that my problem? Do I need to reinstall UBUNTU via WUBI in the main partion of my hard drive where Windows actually lives?

@JOHN, do you by chance know if I can just create a bootable usb flash drive to install a fresh copy of ubuntu on to my empty 72GB partition? I want to be able to dual boot.

Trying to install on a laptop with an ungenuine Windows OS

My Windows 7 Ultimate is not genuine so I tried installing Ubuntu, however when it reboots, and tries to install, it then says there is no live system. What do I do about this?

Easy Samba Folder Sharing from a NTFS Partition / Home Folder

I have read at least 8 articles here in Askubuntu about Sharing a folder and doing the share from outside of /home or from a NTFS partition but none of them actually helped in my problem here. My question is in regards to which is the easiest most friendliest way to share a folder from Ubuntu to Windows. I ask this for this particular common case scenario:

I am in a LAN and I want to share a folder to a friend that has Windows 7. This folder is in another drive that I have and that is partitioned in NTFS since it contains Windows 7. I do not want to share the folder from Windows 7 to Windows 7. I want to share it via Ubuntu to my friend's PC.

I already have samba installed and I right clicked in Nautilus the folder and did a correct share but it appears as though he does not have any access. He can see the resource shared but can't access it.

What I did was copy the folder from my Windows hard drive to the Ubuntu one. Put the folder in the desktop and had to chmod 777 the folder for him to have the ability to copy the content.

I really do not want to edit/modify the smb.conf file nor do I want to add something in fstab. Is there an easier way to share a normal folder between Ubuntu and Windows or even Ubuntu to Ubuntu using Samba that is practical and does not create confusion when trying to explain a newcomer of Ubuntu on how to share.

Is there a way I can record when the stderr is printed to a log file?

I'm running the command

php someFile.php 1>> stdout.txt 2>> stderr.txt

Is there a way I can record when the stderr is printed?

Wireless connection slow on a Dell Studio with an Intel Centrino N 1000

I have a Dell Studio, and just installed via CD the 12.04 LTS version. The problem is that the wireless connection is ultra slow, and that didn't happen with 11.04 or Windows 7.

How can i fix it? Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Wireless connection shows up but can't connect to internet on ubuntu 12.04

I'm using an Asus G50V and I'm completely new to ubuntu. I just installed it and can connect to the internet with a wired connection and through wireless from my windows vista that I installed wubi on, and I can connect to my wireless network, but I can't actually connect to the internet through my wireless network.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Network controller is an Intel Corporation WiFi Link 5100 according to lspci if that helps

EDIT 2: Also, the connection somehow started working after I decided to unplug my ethernet cable for the third time and headed upstairs after giving up for the day.. not sure how it happened, but after restarting, the connection stopped working again..

system monitor shows downloading while lsof -i says nothing downloading

when i checked system monitor it says there is something downloading but lsof -i showing nothing.

Screen shothttp://i47.tinypic.com/1zqadm9.png

my ISP provider allows me to connect to a single host at a time. So simultaneous connections wont allow me to browse or anything.

when i do sudo lsof -i

systemd 1 root 27u IPv6 14623 0t0 TCP *:ipp (LISTEN)
systemd 1 root 28u IPv4 14624 0t0 UDP *:ipp
avahi-dae 932 avahi 12r IPv4 16956 0t0 UDP *:mdns
avahi-dae 932 avahi 13r IPv4 16957 0t0 UDP *:50944
httpd 1085 root 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1170 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1174 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1175 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1179 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1183 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1184 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1189 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
httpd 1192 apache 4u IPv6 18759 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)
mysqld 1253 mysql 10u IPv4 19195 0t0 TCP *:mysql (LISTEN)
cupsd 1789 root 4u IPv6 14623 0t0 TCP *:ipp (LISTEN)
cupsd 1789 root 5u IPv4 14624 0t0 UDP *:ipp
cupsd 1789 root 12r IPv4 24001 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain:ipp (LISTEN)
sendmail 2057 root 4u IPv4 25935 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain:smtp (LISTEN)

Software Sources not found in Unity Dash Search

After upgrading to 12.04 from 11.10, I am no longer able to find Software Sources in Dash. I have installed software-properties-gtk, and can open via terminal, but cannot get Dash to find it? Is this still possible? I want to be able to go direct to my sources without having to load Synaptic or Software Center. What I have done now is launched from terminal, and then pinned to launcher, but typing in dash still does not find it.

Weather Indicator wrong almanac data

Okay this is no big deal but Weather Indicator 11.11.28 'Cloudy 9' running on Ubuntu 12.04 has the wrong almanac data. The sunrise/sunset times are out by about an hour 5:47/7:06 vs the actual 6:47 AM/8:05 PM @ Lat: 27.8° N/97.4° W. Does anyone know where this data comes from?

How to remove Oracle JDK

I didn't find article any related articles How to remove Oracle JDK there are some related articles but it weren't solved the problem.

I installed Oracle JDK tarball file from Oracle site by following this article How do I install Oracle Java JDK 7. It was very helpful. but I don't what I should do to uninstall Oracle JDK.

I'm very grateful with your answer. Sorry my english is not so well

How to install JavaFx on Ubuntu?

I'm very new to Ubuntu world. I downloaded the JavaFx from here. I got a zip file. I don't know how do I setup a classpath for it.

Can anyone help me with this regard?

How do I get an Intel CS630 webcam working?

I currently own a CS630 Intel R PC Camera and cannot for the life of me find anyone who would help me install it. Can you please help me?

Ubuntu 11.10 then 12.04 then 60+ updates then boot only shows grub

I had 11.10 x64 installed on AMD 4core with NVidia card. I had problems changing screen resolution. I have just over-installed 12.04 x64. It went well. Screen resolution changes worked well. I ran diskutil(?) which said drive was good but grumbled about misaligned partitions of 1K & 3K. I then applies 60+ updates. It said it needed to restart. I press 'restart' screen button but it wouldn't restart. I pressed the H/W reset. It came up with GNU GRUB version 1.99, 3 lines help text and a GRUB prompt. I pressed H/W reset. Same GRUB prompt again.
How do I get the Ubuntu Desktop back? Thanks.